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Aspen relaxing
Aspen is a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) and a St. John's Ambulance Therapy dog.
Our dogs
Max, Raven and Aspen

About the owner:

My name is Natascha Klan, and growing up in southern Germany I had the privilege to be around all kinds of pets. Caring for guinea pigs, rabbits, hedge hogs, dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, birds, fish and a tortoise gave me an appreciation for the time and effort that goes into pet care. I learned that it isn't enough to "just" love them. I knew that I had to take good care of all the pets as they are never disposable but a lifelong commitment.

 After graduating from high school, I immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. I graduated from the school of Agriculture in 2001 with a 4 year degree in agroecology.
I was lucky to gain valuable experience by working for humane societies and veterinary hospitals in Germany and Canada. Along the way, I have attended seminars in pet first aid and canine behaviour. I am very interested in the holistic approach to animal care.

Competing in Obedience and Retriever trials with my own dogs keeps me up to date with my canine training skills. As a very young dog, our black labrador Aragorn (Max) reached his first level in competitive obedience as Companion Dog, Canine good neighbour and also his working certificate. Arwen (Raven) is the younger lab, featured on the first page of this website. We are very proud of her achievements including the Companion Dog and Canine good neighbour titles. I also enjoy playing Agility and Rally-o with my dogs.
After finishing my studies at University, I knew I was ready to start with my own venture. I wanted to make sure all pets are getting the best care possible when their owners cannot be there for them. This is how the whole idea about pet sitting started to become a reality. After years of research I had gathered a whealth of information about the pet industry and specifically pet sitting. I found there was a great need for this type of service.
My pet sitting business is a full time job that I take very serious.  

Since I opened the doors of my pet services business in 2005 I have enjoyed the support of family and friends. I am very lucky to have great clients that have been with me from the beginning. I get most of my new clients by referrals which makes the introduction to pet sitting easy for first timers. I often get feedback from my clients such as" gives me such peace of mind..." or " animals were so much happier having their own pet sitter..." "I feel good about leaving my animals in your care".
"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provided to me during our recent move to Nova Scotia. You took care of my dog and 9 chinchillas for two weeks during our house search.
In June we left Winnipeg with a very sick Chinchilla in your care. The care you provided enabled him to make the long airplane trip a week later to his new home. You were there when I needed you the most. A very trying time in our lives. Alpine took sick the day of our house packing and I could not fly him with his brothers and sisters until he was on the mend. You are kind and caring person who can be trusted to do what is right for pets. This is a heart felt thanks for everything you have done".
Marsha and Jody
Any feedback is important to me and it is a good measure for performance in any business.


News! Aspen (Fall River's bold Aspen) is a brand new Canine good neighbour and a St. John's Ambulance Therapy dog.  We are working on her Novice Rally and Obedience (CD) titles soon.

Aspen has achieved her Companion Dog title and also her Rally Advanced. We had to stop working on further titles because she developed a brain disease called cerebellar disease. They say it is progressive but so far she is doing okay with only a bit of unsteadyness on her hind legs. Aspen is 6.5 years old now.

She also had to be retired from the St. John Ambulance therapy dog program which she loved so much. However she  enjoys life with us and her friends and is still very happy.

 Max and Raven are older but doing well for their ages (13 and 12 respectively).



Are you thinking of getting a dog? Or know of someone who is? Please read this: 

Something really close to my heart is animal welfare. This is why I advocate ethical dog and animal breeders. If you are thinking of getting a dog or cat please do tons of research and take your time.

Never buy a puppy or cat in a pet store or meet someone on the highway with a van or truck to sell you a dog. Some back yard breeders even offer to come to you. Always request to see the place where the dogs are bred and raised. Ask for a Breeder's license for the specific municipality or state. Ask to see all vet certificates (check dates) and the health tests the breeder may have done on the breeding dogs. Some of the tests, depending on the breed, can include Hip x-rays, elbow x-rays, eye tests, heart tests and hearing tests. Some breeds are more prone to certain diseases than others. There are some hereditary diseases that the parents may not show any signs for. A good breeder will test the breeding pair for these and even have data on the grandparents.    

Go ahead and play with their dogs. Do you like the way they play? Are they calm, hyper? Is this really the breed you thought you wanted?   Remember all dogs (even from the same breed and the same litter) are individuals (and may turn out "different") although some general behaviours are typical for a certain breed. Check out the dogs and ask the breeder how many dogs they have in total, including "fostered" dogs which are usually housed at other peoples' homes. Are their dogs inside the home or are they housed in crates in a barn or garage all day? When picking a puppy, ask to see the parents, and accept no excuses.   I have heard stories of staging homes meaning a person with a nice house and familty situation will take the pups and mom for viewing purposes. That is why it would be important to ask where they sleep, eat and if there is not evidence of dogs using the yard or house you are probably being duped. if there are warning signs and you should not be afraid to walk away. Do not buy a puppy from people like that.  

Also beware of purebred puppies for sale that are not registered with either the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) or AKC (American Kennel Club). It is illegal to sell purebred dogs that don't have official Papers that say so. There are many other clubs and affiliations out there now so make sure you check them out and talk to them. Ask them how the ensure Breeders are breeding for the right reasons, ethically, and not for the purpose of financial gain.

Anyone advertising in your local newspapers or on the internet sites like "K#@**i" or others... please stay away. Most reputable breeders will have a good website and will be able to talk to you on the phone anytime. Try to stay with local breeders who you can visit.  Don't trust just any ad from your local paper. Yes some of these pups are cheap, but beware what you are doing. You get what you pay for and this pup may be unhealthy. If your pup gets sick the bills from your vet will likely cost more than the price of a pup from a good breeder.

Get references from your breeder and talk to all of them!

Yes, it's true you may not show your dog but that's still not a good reason not to buy a dog from an ethical breeder who puts show titles on their dogs. The fact that this breeder shows their dogs is a good sign and it means they care and will take good care of the dogs. They breed and show because they're goal is to be this breed's ambassador and to improve the breed.They also will carefully screen any potential puppy buyers like you and ask you tons of questions. You don't have to show this dog but you now know you have a dog from a breeder you can call any time with questions. Even if your situation changes (moving, divorce..) this breeder will take your dog back, they have to... by law. This keeps our shelters in better shape. A dog from an ethical breeder will tell you what to expect concerning the breed's temperament, size, health and life span.  A pet store dog could grow to any size and could have un-fixable behaviour issues. Thank goodness pet stores aren't allowed to sell these dogs any more.

Puppies aren't goods like a computer you decide to buy one day and dispose of the next. They will be a member of your family for a long time. Don't you want to be sure they come from a responsible and ethical breeder? Just will be helping to reduce the suffering of these other dogs that are still being bred by irresponsible folks who just want to make more money by breeding any "hybrid" or designer dog that has a good ring to it or that is popular at the time. They are sitting at your local Petl@^& store looking as desperate as ever. You may pay thousands of dollars for a so-called "Shorky", "Puggle" or Pomeranian-hybird. Interestingly enough most of the time you pay more than a properly bred dog will cost. You will have no support system once you leave the store with their puppy. You cannot return it if it has major health problems down the road.  An ethical breeder will guarantee the health of the dog for up to 3 years and often for life. The store wants nothing to do with this dog or you once you paid for it. It is only your money they are interested in. They train employees well at these stores. They have heard all the questions you may have before and will say anything you want to hear.

Don't get scammed, do your homework.

Professional Animal Behaviour Associates

May 2-3 2009: I have completed the symposium "Canine Harmony: Developing the perfect companion"
A program in professional canine education featuring Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, Colleen Pelar, CPDT, CDBC, Dr. Sophia Yin and Dr. Kenth Svathberg (Sweden).